Alternatives to Abortion

While many feminists champion abortion as a way to give women their constitutional right to “reproductive health”, anyone with a brain knows that abortions are in fact killing other human life – they may not be fully sentient or independent yet, but given the natural order of things, they will be soon enough. However, many feminists argue that there is simply no alternative other than aborting their baby. However, that is simply not the case.

The first alternative is so obvious but many feminists fail to grasp the concept, and that is to simply keep the baby and go on with the entire pregnancy through childbirth. Many women argue that having a baby would disrupt various aspects of their life, including their social life and their career – even if they would love to have a baby down the line, they believe that having one at this particular moment in their life is an inconvenience to them and what they want to accomplish in their lives.

But you know what is more inconvenient? Having an unborn child killed for no good reason other than a selfish woman wants to keep her own life from changing. The simple fact of the matter is that when a woman decides not to keep a child for this reason, they are being selfish. This also applies to women who may feel like they do not have the necessary funds to provide the child with a good life, which is perhaps a more common argument than the first one. To this, I say that any baby would rather live a less than ideal life rather than to just die prematurely, and not just die, but to be killed prematurely.

Lifestyle changes and lack of financial stability are both terrible excuses to kill an innocent human life. So rather than get yourself put into that sort of situation, another great alternative to an abortion is to avoid being put into that position in the first place – in other words, don’t get pregnant to begin with.

Birth control is so easy to come by nowadays that any women who actively has sex should have the moral responsibility to use proper birth control to ensure no unwanted pregnancies (because yes, it is ok to not want a pregnancy in the first place). Men also should (rightfully so) take responsibility in this matter, working with their partner to ensure that safe sex is followed. With regards to pregnancy specifically, condoms are particularly effective, and there are many quality brands to choose from.

Having said that though, condoms still have some inherent risk in the case where the condom breaks during sex, leading to the release of semen into the vagina. If you are not comfortable using condoms (even in conjunction with other forms of birth control) to prevent a potential unwanted pregnancy, the only real alternative is to not have sex at all. This isn’t the end of the world though, as you can turn to masturbation in the interim, even turning to fun toys to enhance sexual pleasure even further – a truly fantastic place to buy sex toys by the way is at, for those wondering. However you decide to do it, getting off on your own without the presence of another man is the safest way to prevent unwanted pregnancies – 100% effective to be exact!

But again, it all comes down to how much you are willing to risk as a person. If you don’t want a pregnancy, but are willing to go through with a pregnancy if it does end up happening, then there is absolutely no problem with you having as much sex as you want, using birth control to minimize the risk of pregnancy as much as you want. But if your solution to getting an unwanted pregnancy is to just kill the baby, then the reality is that you should have the moral fortitude to avoid having sex completely.

No matter what your thoughts are on both having kids and sex in general, the fact of the matter is that abortion is killing an unborn human life. Because of that fact, it should be clear to anyone with a moral conscience that any alternative is better than abortion.