Abortion = Killing Babies

No matter what any feminist will tell you, the fact of the matter is that abortion is a euphemism, and when you really think about it, it is a pretty deceitful one at that.

The reason feminists and the pro-choice movement uses the term abortion is because it is the only way it can convince women that what they are doing to their unborn babies is not completely terrible. If a women were grappling with the decision on whether or not to kill her baby, she more likely than not would not go through with it (although there are always exceptions, particularly women who happen to know what they are doing but still are willing to get out of a pregnancy through whatever means necessary).

However, when she is simply deciding on whether or not to get an abortion, the decision to go through with one becomes a lot more palatable. Abortion is a fairly meaningless term to the general public, a term that doesn’t engender any significant opinions one way or the other. The term abortion in this particular case applies to aborting a pregnancy specifically, which is a key way for feminist and pro-choice activists to emphasize the life of the mother who is “pregnant” rather than focus on the life of the unborn baby. The only other way to really describe the action is to say something along the lines of “killing the baby inside of you”, which is exactly what feminists and pro-choice activists want to avoid saying at all costs.

With this euphemism “abortion”, women everywhere are less and less likely to decide against killing their baby simply because they do not feel like they actually are doing that. However, that is precisely what they are doing, and the fact that feminists and abortionists are willing to use a euphemism to facilitate more and more babies unjustly dying is sickening. Whenever you hear someone use the phrase “abortion” remind them that what they actually mean is “killing babies” – the faster we can limit the phrase “abortion”, the faster we can get rid of the immoral act for good.