Welcome to TexasGosnell.com!

Hello avid Internet users! I am Leroy Frazier, the owner of this site.

I was born and raised in Texas – Houston to be exact – and continue to live there to this day.

When I first heard about Douglas Karpen (A.K.A. The Texas Gosnell) and his crimes, I was disgusted, and doubly so – first of all because I am a strong Pro-Choice advocate and feel that abortion has no place in any moral society, and secondly because Karpen’s crimes went above and beyond what any “normal” abortion would entail, encompassing improper conduct not just to the unborn babies but to their mothers as well.

Thus, I created this site to shed some light on this evil monster, as well as on abortion in general, with the hopes of converting people to the Pro-Choice movement.

The choice to convert though is ultimately up to you as an individual – even if you don’t change your opinions on the topic of abortion, I still sincerely thank you for checking out my site.